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Dubai Kite Festival 2016 - a post about lonely expat life in the Middle East, Ladies Nights, KFC and kite flying on While I'm Young and Skinny

Kite-flying usually takes place in the East Coast after the harvest when farmers have time on their hands to fashion and fly these Wau Bulan.

Malaysian kite called Wau (pronouced Wow), a heritage of the east coast.The kite competiton is a serious undertaking by adults. Painting by Haziq Izmi, an autistic artist.

What are some of the misperceptions Westerns have about the Middle East and Islam? This is a great background resource from PBS to use when introducing The Kite Runner.

The Kite RunnerTable of Contents and Teacher Notes1 Pre work: Research2 Geography of Middle East with Key3-13Ten Journals to respond to readings (*May use all or choose among them)14-32Vocabulary: Matching, Crossword Puzzles, Synonym Practice, Game33Farsi Words: List34-35Close Reading: Chapter One with Key36Overall Instructions for a Close Reading and/or guided reading37-44Close Reading: Chapter Two with Key45-56Discussion Activities separated into reading sections ~ Whole Group or Small…

While The Kite Runner movie is now captivating audiences throughout the country-much as the book did four years ago-with its enthralling tale of "family, forgiveness, and friendship" and the promise that indeed "there is a way to be good again," very little has been written critiquing this work and its prominent role in the New Orientalist narrative of the Islamic Middle East.

www.jspewter.com.my [ JS Pewter Corporate Gifts ] - JS Pewter - Wau Bulan is the flying of giant kite which is popular in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. This is made from highly polished fine Malaysian pewter and plated with 24k gold. #jspewter

Flying Kites at Bathsheba - An oil paint print by Jill Walker of the east coast of Barbados with people flying kites.

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