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Hahaha he looks like he's about to rob the atm

I can't stop giggling every time I look at this pic and I don't know why>> secret agent Harry Styles!


Remember when his hair was all greasy and messy underneath a beanie and now it's all short and neat ahhhh

I should have bet money on how long it took for someone to make this into a GIF and thank god they did

So I (finally) found a gif from when Harry twerked at the Teen Choice Awards. Did you hear that small popping sound? That was my heart exploding.

everyone does Dont deny it (: but why is the picture in this photoshopped?

even if you don't. You do. Even if you just think you don't but do. Because you actually do since you do anyways.

Haz and his little pony

headband + ponytail i would copy this hair style but I don't think I can pull it off like how harry does :p

my harry-loving friends...are you SHORE you'd date this fellow? he looks a bit odd..

my harry-loving friends.are you SHORE you'd date this fellow? he looks a bit odd.