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10 Films that inspired #StevenSpielberg to create some of our most loved movies via @BFI http://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/news-bfi/lists/10-great-films-inspired-steven-spielberg

What if you approached indie filmmaking as an actual business instead of an expensive hobby? Jeffrey Winter discusses.

Jenna Edwards, How to Sell Your Indie Film. indie film hustle, filmmaking, film producer, indie film, filmmaker, film school, online film school

Make a feature film for $1000? Sounds crazy right? Well if you don't know Mark Duplass you should get to know him. This independent filmmaker did just that!

Filmmaking demystified! Are you ready to start making documentaries? Follow these simple steps and you are on your way to having a finished movie.

10 steps to indie film crowdfunding success! How to promote your indie film campaign and raise money for your project.

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