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Soul Eater ~~ RUN!! I noticed this right a way ANC I was like "WHAT!!!"

Holie - Soul Eater Evans (And I was all like) 0o0 OHMYGAWDOHMYGAWDOMYGAWD!!!

SOUL EATER, Spirit Albarn, Franken Stein

soul eater Maka and the other students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy must kill 99 evil humans and other witch, absorbing their spirits when they die. Rating on Netflix: ★★★★(4 1/2 stars)

Symmetry is key don't you see? #DeaththeKid

X3 Yes, and Discord just eats popcorn.

THE CLOUDS AREN'T SYMETRICAL!!!!! I need to fix that right now! (other than that it's a really good picture!)