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Justus Scheibert, an officer in the Royal Prussian Engineers, was sent to the United States for seven months to observe the Civil War and report the effects of artillery on fortifications. Sheibert's narrative portrays soldiers, weaponry, and battles, including the first, and one of the few, studies of combined operations in the Civil War.

The Greatest Charges Of The American Civil War

Eagles on Their Buttons is a fascinating examination of the Fifth Regiment of Infantry, United States Colored Troops--the Union Army's first black regiment from Ohio.

A bear, named Wojtek, reportedly fought alongside his fellow Polish soldiers at the savage Battle of Monte Cassino in the spring of 1944, carrying heavy crates of mortar shells. With the approval of the Polish high command, the company's emblem was then changed to one showing a bear carrying a massive artillery shell. After the war, Wojtek lived in Edinburgh Zoo until his death in 1963. Books, statues and even a documentary keep the memory of his unique service alive.

Russian soldiers teaching the Cossack dance to German prisoners of war. Eastern Front, 1915

Allen Allensworth (7 April 1842 – 14 September 1914), born into slavery, escaped and became a Union soldier; later he became a Baptist minister and educator, and was appointed as a chaplain in the United States Army. He served as the only black delegate from Kentucky in the Republican National Conventions. In 1886 he gained an appointment as a military chaplain to a unit of Buffalo Soldiers.

WW1 Wounded German troops receiving refreshments on a Royal Prussian (K.P.E.V.) luggage wagon in 1915