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Iolite, associated with the thrid eye. Supports healing of the eyes, supports memory and helps sleeping imbalances.

Ancients believed that it could unlock creativity in an artist. Iolite opens a path to your deep inner self Use this stone to discover the lost parts of self and your inner treasures. It is an excellent stone for shamanic journeying or to assist in recovering information from past lives. It clears the third eye chakra. It is a stone of vision and creative expression. Iolite is especially compatible with: lapis lazuli amethyst azurite

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11 Steps To Prepare You For The Greatest Love Of Your Life

The moment my husband first flashed his delightful grin at me, I recognized him as the man I would someday marry. I was, at the time, awakening into my intuitive abilities and they did not steer me

django CMS 3.4 is here, and it's the first release of the free and open source CMS that comes with long-term support (LTS). In my django CMS review which I published a few months back, I remarked that: "There's no doubt about it, Django CMS is an excellent platform for projects large and small. It's simple enough for anybody to approach, although its true potential will need to be unlocked by a developer familiar with Python." Matteo Larghi, th