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HM Queen Debsirindra (1834-1861) in King Rama IV. Formerly HSH Princess Rampeuy, daughter of HRH Prince Sirivongse, son of King Rama III. Prince Sirivongse died at 28 years, and his 8 children came into the care of King Rama III. King Monkut (Rama IV) made her his queen in 1852, at the age of 18. She bored him four children, the eldest being King Chulalongkorn (Rama V). The Queen was not very healthy, and died at just 24 years old.

His Majesty the King in the Royal Coach with the Prince Regent

King's Royal family. Prince Saud thatha 24 karat jewel Department of highways, Sri Rattanakosin.

1924. King Vajiravudh and Princess Consort Laksamilawan pose with extended family.

HRH Prince Suriyong Prayurabandhu, born 29th July 1884, married 1stly, about 1906, Mom Juen Bunnag, born about 1887, died 25th March 1925, married 2ndly, Mom Chong, died about 1968, married 3rdly, Mom Renée (née Fusco), born 10th August 1896, died 3rd December 1979, married 4thly, Mom Sawong, born about 1898, died in June 1965, married 5thly, Reni (née Fusco), born about 1899, died 1934/1935, and had issue. He died 2nd May 1919.

Prince Chulalongkorn's investiture ceremony at Sanam Luang - 1862

The Long Neck Ladies of Thailand, Mae Hong Son.

Thailand: •considered auspicious as the bright yellow flower "cassia fistula" is a national symbol. •represents Buddhism. •yellow is considered the royal color, the color of Monday which is the King's birthday