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Bandolier - $1.50. The bandolier is perfect for minifigs who want to ensure they won’t run out of bullets in the heat of battle. In addition to providing extra ammunition, the bandolier also has a clip on the back to carry an extra weapon. Also compatible with the BrickWarriors Bandana! #lego #minifigure #bandolier #bandito #cowboy #history #wildwest #western #brickwarriors #bullets


Bandana - $1. This reversible bandana has one side to cover the neck of innocent cattle herders, while the other side is perfect for bank robbers who want to cover their faces during their heists. Also compatible with the BrickWarriors Bandolier for minifigs that need some extra bullets or want to carry another weapon on their back. #lego #minifigure #bandana #cowboy #history #wildwest #western #brickwarriors

Galaxy Enforcer Helmet

Galaxy Enforcer Helmet - $1.50. The Galaxy Enforcer Helmet is the perfect helmet for minifigs trying to protect the galaxy from evil! The breather mask on the front and 360 degree bullet proof plating will keep your minifigs alive in the most dire galactic conflicts. #lego #minifigure #helmet #scifi #brickwarriors

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat - $1. The iconic hat of the Wild West, the Cowboy Hat is perfect for cowboys, lawmen, cavalry, and outlaws. Without the Cowboy Hat, Wild West minifigs would be burnt to a crisp by the hot desert sun! #lego #minifigure #hat #cowboy #history #wildwest #western #brickwarriors

Six Shooter

Six Shooter - $0.50. Used by cowboys and bank robbers alike, the Six Shooter is based on a number of revolvers used in the Wild West. It would be crazy for any western minifig to walk around without their trusty Six Shooter holstered at their hip! #lego #minifigure #weapons #guns #brickwarriors

Repeater Rifle

Repeater Rifle - $1. Whether your western minifigs want to defend themselves from revolver wielding bandits or simply want to go hunting to get some food on the camp-fire, the Repeater Rifle is the perfect weapon. To carry more ammo, don’t forget to pick up a BrickWarriors bandolier! #lego #minifigure #weapons #guns #brickwarriors

Green Military Vests, Ranger Helms, & More Now Available

Natsty wins the Custom Minifig of the Week a lot, but can you blame us? Check out his latest minifig, Dragon Bringer! The details he adds to the pieces really transform the minifig into an artpiece. I think my favorite part of this creation is the painted ropes on the axe…it’s a small addition but it really completes the minfig. In this minifigure, I spy three BrickWarriors accessories: Minotaur Axe, Horned Plate Armor, and Greaves. #lego #minifigure #weapons #armor #helmets…

The Guns of the Dillinger Gang This is a photo of all of the guns possessed by the Dillinger Gang when lawmen took them down. Among the guns are the classic M1911A1 pistol. Also shown are a sawed off shotgun, a Thompson submachine gun, and various other firearms. There is also a hat.