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Noah's appalling lack of animal welfare

Noah’s Extremely Bad Animal Husbandry Advice

Fluffy Cows EXIST And You Are Welcome…

Funny pictures about Fluffy Cows. Oh, and cool pics about Fluffy Cows. Also, Fluffy Cows.

Animal infographic

This Infographic on How Much Wildlife We’ve Lost in the Past 40 Years Will Shock…

Just ass nicely.....

No one gets in with out scratching his ass! Well, without scratching behind his (the ass) ears.

The stubby squid that caught the attention of the Nautilus team

'Googly-Eyed' Stubby Squid Captures Internet's Attention

PHOTO: The E/V Nautilus team spotted a "googly-eyed stubby squid," scientifically known as the Rossia pacifica, while exploring the Trask Knoll in the Pacific Ocean near Los Angles on Aug.

cute cow holding a big flower in her mouth

Funny pictures about The prettiest cow in the world. Oh, and cool pics about The prettiest cow in the world. Also, The prettiest cow in the world.

A lion hunts buffalo in Botswana in this breathtaking image by National Geographic Explorer Beverly Joubert.

CSI Knowledge: How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works (Infographic)

Reminds me of my forensic science class in school lol.) Crime Scene Investigation: What a bloody mess! I am a writer, I swear.