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Seriously, though, let's be honest: that's really attractive.

The Queen's portrait was removed from the B.C. Ferries fleet between 2003 & 2006, when the former Crown corporation evolved into an independent commercial company. The removal of Her Majesty's portrait was not meant as disrespect, but as a symbol of independence from the Canadian government. Monarchists however, were not amused, & opposed the move.

You will never have to question someone's interest if you pay attention to their effort. Effort speaks for it's self just as no effort speaks for it's self. When a person is interested in you they will let it be known. There will either be action or excuses. We are all busy in life but we all make time for what we personally feel is worth the effort and we all make excuses for the things that we don't feel is worth it. ( at least I can be honest and say that I'm guilty) So you can stop…

I'm so sad that she died... They'll probably have to re script some of the next movie since they already started filming ... RIP