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Seriously, though, let's be honest: that's really attractive.

DJ Khaled Snapchat Name Scroll to the Snapcode forDJ Khaled'sSnapchat name! Just when you though DJ Khaled's social media takeover was done the DJuses Snapchatto welcome his new baby into the world. His wifeNicole Tuck gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday October 23 2016. Nicole listened to her husband's music while she was in labor. The DJ whose real name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled can't stop winning! Moments before Nicole went into labor Khaled posted a picture of her beautiful baby bump on…

If you look at the leg stance, you can tell that Gee is Way sassier. Like only rulers of the sass kingdom can achieve that level of sass.

A Goddess, born of the earth, holding the Sun & Moon. Great responsibility!

This is one of my favourite portrayals of Queen Elizabeth II. She captures the isolation and mystique of monarchy so well here.

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Just For Fun

Queen Elizabeth . -- She has corgis. And then I said do I look like I give a fuck?!

Lana Parilla- Evil Queen ,This is awesome,funny and sweet speech!! I

My inspiration for my novel's MC, Haleine Coileáin. Taken from the painting "The Wind at Hastings" by Royo Luis

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The hawk flew though the window and placed the book by her feet. "At last the book is mine". She will never recover the herbs now! She smiled knowing victory was now well within her grasps.

Her ring glimmered in the moonlight. What was that symbol? It looked like one he had seen on the evil Lord Mac De Diube's ring... Could it be? Could she really be a Boarlonian? "Azara, you wouldn't know any one by the name of Mac De Diube, would you?" Her face registered surprise and then sadness. "How do you know of him?" "Then you do? Azara I'm shocked." "So am I." "He is my greatest enemy." "Derik... You must go. I didn't tell you cause I thought you didn't know anything about him..."