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the latest scoop on Wonder Nutrient Vitamin K2

politically incorrect thoughts on breast cancer

from Butter Nutrition

Why I say 'NO' to an annual pap test

Why I say "NO" to an annual pap test |

The flu shot vaccine is a controversial topic. It is recommended for pregnant women, children, elderly, and those with immune problems. Is it safe or effective?

from Kitchen Stewardship | A Baby Steps Approach to Balanced Nutrition

Is Fluoridated Water Safe?

what is a safe dose of fluoride?

'Ebola facts' are thrown around left and right with everyone trying to figure out if we are all going to die ala Contagion or if science will save us first.

Nine reasons to never eat processed foods again

what your body is trying to tell you.

Common stomach flu remedies can actually make things worse. So what's the solution to recover quickly from a tummy bug? #health #wellness #stomachflu #flu #commonremedies #homeremedies #guthealth #healhygut #realfood #healingfoods #naturalliving #healthyliving #naturalcures