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You said, “I’ll go into the contrast where there’s more discovery,” and we said, “And we’ll stay in the pure alignment where there’s more steady, and together we will take thought beyond that which it has been before.” So, you launch it, we ride the rocket with you, we hold the frequency of it, we give our undivided attention to what you want, we hold it so steady that if you deviate and you are aware at all, you feel your own deviation.

A #smile or what society terms as beautiful might get your attention but it's what lies underneath the exterior that counts to me. I see #beautiful people as the ones who are #kind with personalities that are pure of heart and can make you #laugh out loud. It's who you are inside that #captures my #heart oh and food of course. #quotes #inspo #beauty #mindfulliving #love #peace #contentment

The more you get into the Receptive Mode and the more you demonstrate through the clarity of your example how things are working out for you, then the more others may get into that same mode where they allow things to work out for themselves also.

The more time you spend paying to attention to how you feel on a myriad of subjects and deliberately bringing yourself into alignment, the greater probability that you'll rendezvous with someone who is also in alignment on a myriad of subjects, and the potential for long standing compatibility is greater.

The receptive mode is a wonderful state of being. Esther found for herself the word clarity to be the most satisfying word, the most satisfying feeling. The feeling of clarity is the best emotion for understanding pure alignment, because when you feel clarity, you are in a state of non-resistance and in a state of perfect flow, and that Broader Perspective is flowing to you and through you. ~Abraham in San Diego on August 15, 2015

Lord, create in me a clean heart - a pure heart. Scrape out the darkness that has found it's way in, it does not belong. #psalm51

You can't fight and win the battle at the same time, because fighting is Step One and winning is Step Three, and you can't be in both Step One and Step Three at the same time. You don't win through the battle, the battle just causes you to desire. You win by aligning with your desire.