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You said, “I’ll go into the contrast where there’s more discovery,” and we said, “And we’ll stay in the pure alignment where there’s more steady, and together we will take thought beyond that which it has been before.” So, you launch it, we ride the rocket with you, we hold the frequency of it, we give our undivided attention to what you want, we hold it so steady that if you deviate and you are aware at all, you feel your own deviation.

The receptive mode is a wonderful state of being. Esther found for herself the word clarity to be the most satisfying word, the most satisfying feeling. The feeling of clarity is the best emotion for understanding pure alignment, because when you feel clarity, you are in a state of non-resistance and in a state of perfect flow, and that Broader Perspective is flowing to you and through you. ~Abraham in San Diego on August 15, 2015

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Your Inner Being is an energy, not a body. Your Inner Being is thought, not words. Your Inner Being is uncondition, not the manifestation, which is condition. So, if you can find the uncondition, if you can resonate with your Inner Being about this, and find that unconditional alignment, then off you go. It’s like if you don’t have the fuel in the car, you’re not going to go anywhere.

You can be in paradise and complain about things if you want to, or you could be in far less than paradise and find things to appreciate – it's really up to you. The thing that we want you to hear is that it's all up to you to focus yourself into alignment with the way your Source feels, and that the conditions that surround you have no actual bearing on how you feel.

The reason you feel negative emotion is because we are never done with you. If your Source would let loose of you when you’re feeling negative emotion, your negative emotion would go away immediately, because your negative emotion is your indicator that you’re not where Source is vibrationally.

Put love notes to yourself in a jar and take one out every day and read it out loud. When you love yourself, you can love others so much more!

You can make this an emotional journey that you're on, you can make this a connecting to Source Energy journey that you're on. Don't try to figure out how to navigate this time-space reality, that's like blindfolding yourself and then getting in your car – you're working at a tremendous disadvantage. Instead, what you're wanting to do is connect with your guidance and then you'll be good to go wherever you are, in all situations.

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