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#DRINKRECIPE - Skinny Mexican Frozen Hot Chocolate - wine & glue

Skinny Mexican Frozen Hot Chocolate - wine & glue Just 4 ingredients to a delicious, chocolate treat!

Cookistry: Not your kid's hot chocolate

"I'm pretty sure that if you have some toffee, you're not going to grind it up and use it as an ingredient, right? You're going to eat is. As is. Right out of the bag. " | Last Call

Wines For Dummies.

Wine Varieties for A Variety of Asian Dishes

If you want to pair Asian food with wine then make sure you follow these easy to understand steps.

#DRINKRECIPE - Happy hour hot fudge milkshake

Wear Your Wine Glass As A Ring On Your Finger

Chocolate Avocado No-Milk Shake

Chocolate avocado no-milk shake: vegan and Paleo-friendly. Tastes like a pudding pop! Find more details at

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Latte

Cookie Dough Coffee Latte - Freaking amazing! Made it for breakfast... very coconutty, but so delicious. I layered it by putting some regular brewed coffee in the bottom of the cup, then the latte stuff, then some foam from the latte.