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Refuel these lanterns using the free energy source of the sun Ceramic lanterns are lovely in the garden, on the deck, along a fence or in a tree—and make your wallet feel fuller, too! Batteries recharge each day through built-in solar panels—no need for expensive electrical wiring.

What Would You Do With It? Wednesday - Baby Food Containers

I can see this lining my sidewalk! (the short sidewalk) AND if you use the pool noodle idea for the posts (like seen on Pinterest elsewhere) then they could be even better!!

Egyptian Lanterns Made by hand in a centuries-old pottery workshop in Egypt’s Old Cairo, these pierced and glazed ceramic lanterns cast a romantic glow. Each is two pieces: a tray to hold the candle and a top to shield it from breezes. Use indoors or out; bring indoors for winter.

시중은행이 변하고 있다. 가장 보수적인 조직이라고 평가받던 은행이 ‘핀테크’ 열풍을 타고 견고했던 요새를 허물고 있다. 이...