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Oh.-(answer) Love, I don't think that'll make sense to them, considering you'll be in Utah. Wouldn't you have to explain?

Oh dear. I am so sad for you Taehyung. Be strong dearie

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics

Funny tumblr post why / is / my / mouse / not / working because / it's / a / hamster / computer

Bangtan winning Album of the Year!! Yes, you finally did it!! You totally deserve it, your dream came true~ You finally received this award thanks to all your hard work and efforts!❤ You did great and worked hard♡ You went through so much Congratulations my boys~❤

This year has been a hard year, but it’s been the best year of my life! I’ve become even closer with my band and I am grateful for each of there talents and hard work every single day!

Hella excited for this book! Especially more NESSIAN time

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"I'm Muslim, so I always request to work Christmas day to give my colleagues that chance to enjoy Christmas with their family than being at work. "