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Chris Evans, gag reel/ behind the scenes of the first avenger I believe?

I want ashton to hold my hand. Just imagine ashton wrapping his big strong hand with his long fingers around your little tiny hand. I would never let him go.

I find it absolutely heartbreaking that Sam, the little brother, is cradling Dean's face in his hands and resting his head below his chin. Almost imitating the way an adult might cradle a young, upset, vulnerable child. Heartbreaking.

Hahahahahaha!!!! I could say this to SO many people in my life right now!!!

"How Does She Know" -- aka, the one Disney song where someone wonders why the heck everyone is singing.

The nail guys by Lex Schulte on 500px

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End Well

Audrey Heller photography, I'm feeling inspired to try my hand at miniature photography lately.

London-based artist Slinkachu began the ‘Little People Project’ in 2006 in which he  remodels and paints miniature model train set characters, and then places, photographs, and leaves them on the street, combining both street art installation and photography.

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How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

"Oh, yeah, sure. let's escape from the special forces by kidnapping their secret lab experiment and hope he doesn't murder us! I" Beckett throws his hands in the air. "He's unconscious. We're safer for now," says Haylin, letting down Heath's limp body on the dusty coach. "And what is this that I hear that he can mind control people? How is that safe?" "First of all, that's just a rumor. Second of all, I said we were safer, not safe. Who knows how he will react once he wakes up."