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A LOUIS XIV BRASS-BOUND SOLID KINGWOOD STRONG BOX EARLY 18TH CENTURY Mounted overall with pierced scrolled lockplates and hinges, the rectangular hinged lid enclosing a hinged flap, the hinged-front enclosing two drawers beneath two secret compartments, the interior with a blank compartment and a lock for the hinged-front, the sides with carrying-handles, the underside with a paper label inscribed in ink '1 DRAWING ROOM'

Mammen Style of Viking ArtThe Mammen style (c.960-1020) overlaps both in time and appearance with the Jellinge but shows a more emphatic form on the same theme. Animals have fuller bodies instead of ribbons, spirals on the hips, and often a total covering of billets: the new feature is plant-like tendrils, derived ultimately from Carolingian acanthus. Two famous caskets were made in the Mammen style, known as the Bamberg and Cammin caskets.  image: The Bamberg casket

Casket ' Minnekästchen' iron mounted wood (maple) with a wildman and various beasts Germany, early 15th century

This chest enclosed in openwork gold casing with mainly floral decoration is referred to as being that of Anne of Austria (1601-66). Although trace of the luxurious object is found in the inventories of the Crown Collection, it did not appear in the inventory following the queen's death. The origin of the chest is therefore uncertain. It is nonetheless a very rare example of the sumptuousness of seventeenth-century Parisian goldsmiths' work.

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Huge 16 Antique French Marriage Box, Chest, Casket, c.1700s, Cut Steel Pique

Huge 16" Antique French Marriage Box, Chest, Casket, c.1700s, Cut Steel Pique