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According to a study done in the Netherlands in 2014, 80 million bacteria are transferred on average, in a single 10-second intimate kiss. Share the knowledge about BioCair's range of anti-bacterial products with your partner too!

You might not know it, but many of the surfaces we come into contact with outdoors are contaminated with germs. Use BioCair Pocket Spray to disinfect shopping cart handles, toilet seat covers and other external surfaces for peace of mind.

Is a colleague or family member sick? Prevent cross-contamination of germs with BioCair Ultrasonic Air Purifying Humidifier and Air Purifying Solution, so that you and others around you don’t fall sick too!

You'd never have guessed this, but the place with the most germs in the aircraft cabin is - surprise - the tray table! With 2,155 CFU/sq inch*, it is an area frequented by bacteria more than the lavatory flush button (265 CFU/sq inch*). Use BioCair Pocket Spray to sanitise this (or other bacteria-sticky surfaces) before you tuck into your meals!

How do you know whether your child has a fever? - Body temperature of 37.5°C and higher - Dry Mouth - Sweating - Low activity - Body pains Any other ways you use to check a fever? #singapore #health #diseases #H7N9 #H5N1

BioCair's BC-65 Air Purifying Humidifiers will ensure the removal of most airborne and surface threats in the hospital. 'share' this amazing information with other healthcare practitioners now.

The average adult brings his fingers to his nose, mouth or eyes 12 times in an hour. Hand-to-face touch is one of the ways you contract flu, so avoid touching your face unnecessarily! Disinfect your hands and other surfaces regularly with anti-bacterial BioCair Pocket Spray.

Did you know that bacteria can spread to others if you share headphones? #bacteria #headphones

Say Yes to Personal Wellness! Ever faced embarrassing problems such as nasty odours after a day's work, sweat rashes or other skin problems? Try BioCair Pocket Spray to refresh skin or disinfect bacteria and yeast on intimate areas to achieve peace of mind!

We all know recyclable bags cause less harm to the environment than plastic bags, but how often do you make the right choice? Let's remember to choose the environmentally friendly option! BioCair products are also proven free from triclosan or other subtances that harms the earth. Choose wisely, choose BioCair!