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~~ Amelia Quinneth from Domming the Heiress: Dominion of Brothers series book by Talon ps ~~ (model is singer Nawal Al Zoghbi)

Makeup inspiration. Dark cat eye liner with smoked out top.

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ALANGOO Style Inspiration

Bedouin beauty - when a woman wears a hijab (head scarf) often times she will really dress up her eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul?

EYES! May not be gypsy but sooo the vibe I'm looking for

Simple steps to get your Arabian deep smokey eyes

Bold eye looks are essential in Middle Eastern makeup. Eye make up in the Middle East is also very popular due to the subtance that they use called Kohl belived to be useful in protection from eye disease and from the harsh sun.

I would like some girls in the ensemble to have a headpiece like this

Women in the Middle East often dress very modest and is it custom for them to cover their faces.