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Explore Mmj Honey, Cannabis Honey and more! These are some cool #Marijuana Pins but OMG check this out #MedicalMarijuana (Like OurPage) These are some cool #Marijuana Pins but OMG check this out #MedicalMarijuana (Like OurPage)

Yoga Sequence For Tight Hips & Hamstrings

Repin to practice these poses later! This Yoga Sequence helps to stretch out tight hip flexors & hamstrings. This decreases muscle aches & pains, increases flexibility, and decreases risk for injuries. This is especially useful for runners and other athletes. | Yoga, Stretching, Health & Fitness Inspiration

One medium that is great for extracting the THC and other beneficial cannabinoids from the cannabis plant is oil. Oil is a nice alternative to butter for those with dietary restrictions. It is so versatile that I guarantee it will become a pantry staple! Infused oil is the go-to ingredient for making medicated cannabis food on the fly

30-Day Summer Abs Challenge #fitness #abs #workout:

Notes on Cannabis Edibles for those that need to medicate without inhaling (Helpful hints: *THC evaporates at 390 degrees, and CBD's (Cannabidiol, which is what aids with pain relief and muscle spasms) boiling point is 320-356, so stay somewhere in that range to get the medicinal benefits. *Cannabis potency is increased when vinegar is added to the recipe)

Cannabis Coconut Oil

Cannabis Coconut Oil from the The Stoner's Cookbook (