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LILAC Expansion and growth, creative power. Amazing protective properties, linked with death and life in the spirit world. Symbolises imagination and information

Chevron Amethyst is one of the best 3rd eye stones assisting in opening our vision into our world and also within ourselves! It is great for auric cleansing and being able to read and interpret the aura. Its energy penetrates the aura releasing negativity. It then allows our vibrance to shine and entices the pure love aspect of ourselves to rise within us. It releases tension and energises those areas. Carry it to repel negativity. Helps bring about manifestation of the answers we receive.

Stunning wisteria path - reminds me of Longwood Gardens outside Philadelphia

Photography by me: Loren Warn - - AMETHYST CRYSTAL PROPERTIES: Develops psychic abilities - Calming - Connection to Angelic Realms - Grief and pain relief - Yin........ Mainly for the Third eye and Crown chakras, but helpful to all chakra's, Amethyst will send soothing lilac waves to any distressed being / cell. It is one of the best minerals in the world, along with Malachite, for physical pain relief from any area... See more...

faeries | Kjartan The Magnificent - hypnogoria: Faeries by BRIAN FROUD

It is a blessed gift to be sensitive to the energy of the magickal world in which we are surrounded. - Jasmeine Moonsong