Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas Sunday's are meant for big SizzleFish meals shared with families and friends! @confessionsofacleanfoodie made this gorgeous Roasted Salmon and Shrimp Platter: @sizzlefishfit Coho and Sockeye Salmon rubbed with Dijon Mustard, @flavorgod Lemon Garlic and @ Happy Monday SizzleFish fans! @fitslowcookerqueen is giving us a little @sizzlefishfit salmon inspiration today with her honey mustard BBQ baked salmon that was seasoned with @flavorgod! Simple, flavorful and ready in less than 20 minutes :ok_hand:

Salmon Burgers cooked in @OMGhee. Ingredients: 1/2 lb @sizzlefishfit coho salmon fillets, 1 organic cage-free egg, 1 tsp garlic lovers @flavorgod, 1 tsp @vitacost almond meal/flour, 1 T @ottosnaturals Cassava Flour, 1 T chopped scallions 1 tsp @primalkitchenfoods Paleo mayo, 1 tsp organic yellow mustard, and @OMGhee for cooking. Recipe courtesy of @confessionsofacleanfoodie via Instagram.

"TGIF SizzleFish Fans!! Who is excited that it is Friday?! We hope you have some fun plans for the weekend! Of course, we still have to enjoy a delicious lunch before the weekend officially starts! @confessionsofacleanfoodie seasoned a piece of our @sizzlefishfit Sockeye Salmon with @flavorgod lemon garlic and Dijon mustard and then baked it at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Charlotte served that beautiful fish over some organic brown rice and a sauté of veggies that were done with…

"It's a @sizzlefishfit Sockeye Salmon kind of night!! @confessionsofacleanfoodie generously seasoned up 2 of our perfectly portioned pieces of @sizzlefishfit Sockeye Salmon with @flavorgod lemon garlic, Dijon mustard and a crust of home onion rings. Then Charlotte baked them at 400 degrees for 20 minutes! Since there are two pieces there, does that mean we are invited over?

• An OVER-THE-TOP SKILLET MEAL in UNDER 30 MINUTES! Ugh, it’s Monday. Unless you had the day off, you’re probably kind of dragging…

"Happy Wednesday SizzleFish fans!! One of our favorite things, besides our fish , is seeing the younger generation cooking and enjoying our fish!! The @omgheeinterns are just getting comfortable cooking with @sizzlefishfit and we think they did a darn good job! They seared a piece of @sizzlefishfit Atlantic Cod in #omghee for 2 minutes per side and finished it off with a simple mango salad! Fresh, light and healthy! _______________________________

Hi, it’s Teri from @nocrumbsleft. This is a fabulous weeknight dinner that feels like an upgrade. People ask why my fish tastes so much better than theirs, and it is all about where I get it. I have come to know and trust the local fishmonger in Chicago whose products are amazing. I’d rather spend a little more and get a spectacular piece of fish. When I’m in Napa, I frequent the local farmer’s market, where Santa Rosa Fish Company sells its fish at extremely reasonable prices. Find a place…

Easy Sheet Pan Jerk Salmon with Veggies

Easy Sheet Pan Jerk Salmon with Veggies! Flavorful Jerk salmon recipe with seasonal veggies baked all on one sheet pan. A protein packed one pan meal that nourishes the whole family! Did I mention EASY cleanup? Yes! Easier than ever.

Coconut Shrimp Sous Vide over Cauliflower Rice. Simple, delicious, ans healthy! Made with @sizzlefishfit shrimp, @OMGhee, and @flavorgod seasoning!