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Investigating America’s most famous ghost: The White Lady

The legend of the Union Cemetery White Lady is one of America's most famous ghost stories. Witnessed by countless terrified bystanders, the...

Driving Down This Haunted Kentucky Road Will Give You Nightmares

The legend of Sleepy Hollow is renowned, and we have our own version. Here are 6 reasons Sleepy Hollow is a bone-chilling haunted Kentucky road.

The Creepiest Things Little Kids Have Ever Said

Kids are known for saying crazy things. They'll ask about a giant zit on your nose or why your sunburned face is so red. They're blunt, and they make no apologies for it. But why would we want them to? Those are some of the best moments in life. And then there are the worst moments: the terrif...

Haunted House On The Hill Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Kathy Jennings

The Mineral Springs Hotel, IL - Since its re-opening in 1978, many stories of ghosts and murders taking place at the hotel have began to cirulate, how accurate these stories are however, seems unlikely to ever be known. As for reports of hauntings, three ghosts are believed to be present at the hotel. Most commonly experianced is that of one known as the Jasmine Lady, who is believed to haunt the staircase near what used to be the lobby...