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Sagrada Famelia - Barcelona

***WINNER - TROPFEST 2013*** Best Film Best Actress - Laura Wheelwright Burdened with needing to raise $800 or face eviction from her home, an 8-month pregnant Jess continues to work at the local diner. When an old lady arrives for a late night supper, a connection is made that will impact the two in ways they both could never have imagined.

Lindoo.. se todos fossem assim, ai poderia dizer que temos muitos anjos... We've All Been There | Winner of Tropfest Australia 2013

When was the last time you second-guessed your parenting choices and concluded that you are not good enough? Last week? This morning? We've all been there.

Die keer dat je je lekker aan het opmaken bent en *pats* daar valt je poederpalette op de grond. We've all been there. We feel your pain. To the rescue! Het redden van de�tienduizenden stukjes poeder�lijkt onmogelijk en met pijn�

When you try to make a handprint-in-handprint image, but you just end up with a bunch of pages of handprint...

Official Map: City of Zurich Night S-Bahn and Bus Network, Switzerland One type of map we haven’t covered yet here at Transit Maps is the night services map, often considered a very poor relation to the main map. However, there are some excellent examples out there, especially this black and yellow beauty from the city of Zurich in Switzerland. Have we been there? No. What we like: Graphically very striking with its black and yellow colour scheme. Good differentiation between bus and…

You're Welcome. We're sort of ashamed of the fact that even though we have been doing this for years now, we never saw this video. We knew the story behind it. We've seen pictures. Never did we think "hey, maybe there's a clip of that on Youtube." Well, there is and we finally found it. Most of

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