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Yeah, it is true.... Though America has legalized gay marriages, on the other hand they elected Trump so...

I can say this about a lot of people ... Brendon, tyler, dan, Phil, and many others that I can't name right now lol

This happened to me with my little brother. HE IS THE BABY HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TALLER WHY

I could never consistently keep a journal except for once or twice. This is not necessarily a thing I love but I do enjoy reading other people's thoughts. I'm swamped enough with my own thoughts as it is, I definitely don't need to document them...Wait I'm doing it now. Lol

You got THAT right! (I edited this on Ribbet by writing the word "distrupting" because I blocked out the word originally used which was a not-so-very-nice word. lol)

Just Psych

I love psych WAY too much than is healthy for me!! They didn't show Carlton putting the snowglobe on his desk with the other like, 50 snowglobes he got, though. That was funny.