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When you try to explain to your parents that you love 7 people that live on the other side of the globe. They respond like this ㅠㅠ

In other words, Puberty made everyone love me because they realize that I am just trying to do what I can to not make everyone fear my inner true form?

You must be fun at parties. ~ oneway_trigger

This is SO true! I'm Multifandom so I don't even care about loving just one band - BUT even if u do and you stick just with one band - don't spread hate on other idols and idol groups. This behavior is honestly disgusting. We all love kpop. So please share this love and respect other fandoms as well as our favorite idols do respect each other so much! ❤

Bro, if she doesnt want to learn a new language, it's her right. She's trilingual, thats all that's expected from a student in school. (I know my shit. I speak french, english, learning spanish and japanese. I suck at spanish tho.)

I can say this about a lot of people ... Brendon, tyler, dan, Phil, and many others that I can't name right now lol

I definitely could get a little better with my mouth. :)

I love how Gerard is all inspirational then there is frank. also reminds me of that time they were talking about each other's kiss lol....Gerard is like frank is so sexy >u< then frank is was