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Making a Positive Change with Dr. Bill: Another Young Entertainer Lost to Drug Overdose: Cory Monteith

Addiction Recovery Blog: You don’t need to take all the recovery procedures that a recovery treatment has. Wanna know what treatment recovery practices suits you? Click this link https://recoveryexperts.com/t-rex/evidence-based-recovery-and-treatment-practices or click the image above to learn about the evidence-based recovery and treatment practices for people affected by substance addiction disorders.

Where it was once thought that socio-cultural factors (e.g., media, parents, peers) and problems with self-esteem were the main causes, it is now understood that Anorexia is more of a brain disorder. Those other factors may contribute to an eating disorder-they are not the cause- There’s genetic susceptibility, and there are environmental stressors. But it’s definitely not a matter of free will—no one chooses to become Anorexic. Like any other illness, Anorexia is biologically based.

Recovery Fact: The effort you put into it is a measurement of what you get out of it

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