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awww.... <3 <3 <3 (the biggest pic, I could find) / Millie has a teddy (seems like a source:

‘Elliott C. Spring 2015, Section 1. “London, England”. Ad created by Milli-Jane. I chose this advertisement because of its clean, simple messaging; it only has two words! Although it is a simple advertisement, the advertisers used the images that related directly to London in order to motivate the audience to visit. Link to image:

To Mycroft, Sherlock will always be his little brother, he will always see Sherock as needing his protection.But, no matter what happens to or between them Mycroft will always love his little brother Sherlock. <<<--- seriously people! Stop with the feels on the bus! I don't want to cry! Wait too late. .. - Why did I join the fandom in the saddest season