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Food and Wine Pairing Poster 18"x24", $34. An expanded food and wine chart that offers 300+ pairings. The pairing methodology focuses on the primary pairing challenges with wine including balancing acidity, tannin, alcohol, sweetness and body. An elegant solution that can be used again and again. Designed and tested by 3 sommeliers and a chef in Seattle, WA. | Wine Folly

Advanced Food & Wine Pairing

Buy a beautiful art print of our Advanced Food and Wine Pairing Method. Available as an by poster print. Learn how to easily create your own delicious food and wine pairings.

This is a really well designed poster. At first I was very impressed with how crisp the wine looked and as if if was going into a invisible glass. Then I realized there was a instrument incorporated in the design as well.

Graphic design inspiration, posters and covers

I love the combination of the wine and the saxophone in this poster. This is a great example of a minimalist design with a double meaning. The saxophone represents the "Jazz & Blues" and the Pouring wine represents the winery where the even is being held.

Famous Wine Blends of the World http://shop.winefolly.com/products/wine-blends

Famous Wine Blends

Buy a poster of the popular infographic 'Famous Wine Blends' as featured on Wine Folly. This elegant chart shows the secrets to the most famous wine blends of the world.

Explore the framework of modern wine service and tasting techniques on this illuminating poster print. This guide relates common themes in a simple modern design such as wine calories, alcohol level, wine color, aroma and decoding a wine label.

Basic Wine Guide

Buy a poster of the convenient Wine and Food Pairing infographic by Wine Folly. Create a perfect wine and food pairing every time with this handy chart.

Buy a beautiful poster of the 'Basic Wine Guide' infographic by Wine Folly. Includes serving temperatures, colors in wine, calories, and much more.

Basic Wine Guide

Brandy and Wine. With These Great Tips There Is No Reason Not To Wine! Whenever you hear of wine, you probably think of fantastic meals and the good things in your life. Even if you don't especially like wine, being knowledgea