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michelle on

Phil is the cutest thing ever. I mean Dan is just born with good looks and dorky and adorable, but Phil is like this cute nerdy/geeky, innocent (not really) puppy!! XD

ㅤkatie 🐢✨ on

Phil is too precious, awh! Also, I loved Belle as well. She's honestly always been my favorite. When I was I dressed up as her and walked around Disney world. Anyway, back to Phil; this is one of the many reasons I love him.

Dan & Phil!! I know that this board was supposed to be just for dan but i love this picture :') Dan is adorable of course but look at phil! This is my favorite photoset of the two

lauren on

I was playing this game with my dad, and he was trying to remember the name of Dan and Phil, but, he ended up calling them DALE AND KEVIN?!?! So, I guess it's daleisnotonfire and AmazingKevin....

BBC Three on

i listen to them on BBC radio 1 all the time and my dad thinks im crazy! hes like wth who are they? im like PERFECTION More

Tumblr Phan on

My main twitter acc is just bassicly a whole bunch of phan pheels (ps i dont pay for your medical bills ) -Jessi<<<same

Danta Claus on

I love Dan. HOT DAN! Get it? Sorry that was unnecessary. by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

mia on

I get really nervous when I have to speak out loud. After I saw this tweet, about a month later, I had to do an oral report and I started getting shaky and such. Then I imagined Dan hugging me and I calmed down. I got an A! Thanks Dan! Love ya! <~ omg

YouTube star Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) addresses the rumors that he's gay or bisexual in Roast Yourself Challenge video; YouTuber says he doesn't want to