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Sea Otters: First listed on Jan. 14, 1977. It is currently designated as threatened. Range: California; Mexico.

First listed on March 11, 1967. It is currently designated as threatened in the United States (lower 48 only), except where listed as an experimental population. Range: Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming.

Two Ensatina salamanders (<em>Ensatina eschscholtzii</em>), a species native to the West Coast of the United States. These salamanders are likely vulnerable to a horrific new chytrid fungus that has spread from Asia to Europe and now threatens to arrive in North America.

Most species of flying foxes are Endangered - many Critically Endangered. They are threatened by hunting and habitat destruction.

Species are dying off thousands of times faster than they are being created, according to new research that highlights the planet's looming biodiversity crisis. The study also suggests humans are on the verge of causing a sixth mass extinction on Earth.

Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) is native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil, it is Endangered, due to habitat loss, deforestation, and habitat fragmentation.

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