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Venus Express prepares for plunge into atmosphere

The tail of Venus and the weak solar wind - when a planet behaves like a comet by Adonai on September 19, 2013 Measurements obtained with ESA's Venus Express spacecraft have shed new light on the interaction between the solar wind and the second planet from the Sun. During a rare period of very low density solar outflow, the ionosphere of Venus was observed to become elongated downstream, rather like a long-tailed comet.

The moon and Venus as seen by the Clementine probe in 1994.

Magellan Venus orbiter released from STS-30 Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Soviet Venus Lander; Venera.

Pioneer 13 AKA: Pioneer Venus Multiprobe or Pioneer Venus 2.

Pioneer Venus Orbiter AKA: Pioneer Venus 1 or Pioneer 12.

Mariner 10: 1st spacecraft to visit Mercury, 1st spacecraft to use another planet for gravity assist (Venus) and 1st spacecraft to visit 2 planets.