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Obama Pink-Slips Military Heroes Serving on Front Line, Then Asks for $3.7 Billion for #IllegalImmigrants Meanwhile, deserter #Bergdahl gets a nice office job, and Sgt. Tahmooressi sits in a Mexican hellhole because Obama's too busy worrying about traitors and ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Last week it was reported the Obama Administration will send out pink slips to US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan in the coming weeks. One military wife, Christina - whose Army captain husband was recently pink-slipped by the Obama administration -…

Estimated Costs in 2004  of Educating  Illegal Alien Students   US born children of Illegal Aliens.

Estimated Costs in 2004 of Educating Illegal Alien Students US born children of Illegal Aliens. Look at the total at the bottom.

.AMERICAN WAR HERO OBAMA LEFT BEHIND. I'm sure obama will do all he can to prevent this Brave Marine from coming home and telling the world about his ordeal in a mexican prison, and how obama never lifted a finger to help win his release. obama is enemy #1 in my book.

AP Saying Our Marine In Mexico Sgt Andrew Tahnooressi Has Been Ordered Released By Mexican Judge!

Truth! Both Obozo and Killery are murderers! Including every single person in that room!

I'm unable to comprehend how anyone could watch these men die from the comfort of their situation room, without giving permission for local troops to assist! How do they sleep at night with so much blood on their hands? Makes me sick to my stomach.

Barack Obama Arrested | What if the whole Military purge had a bit of self-preservation to it?

US Military Has Grounds To Arrest Obama. THEY ARE NOT KIDDING. might be why he has been firing so many generals of late. Read this article and pray that they are successful. put this man where he belongs.

.Obama's are taking a 100 million dollar Africa vacation....meanwhile, no hot meals for our military in Afghanistan...obamasux

Obama Administration CUTS HOT MEALS for Troops Serving in Afghanistan

~Michelle Obama quote -- Yep, give up your piece of the pie so the Obama's can have MORE!

Socialization.... Taking Over..... The Government running all of your companies.....    Just what I want   NOT !!!!!!!!

PLS WATCH THIS VIDEO Corrupt Maxine Waters (D) Slip of the Tongue Reveals True Intentions (Socialism for America) This needs to be posted over and over so no one misses it!

Dead just shortly after the mission? What's the gov't hiding?

Obama betrayed Seal Team Six.He betrays PATRIOTS.those who love God and this Country! hussein will pay for his evil deeds one day.

I'm all for immigration but against illegal immigration amnesty. America needs to make it easier for legal immigration instead of the bottle neck we now have. Perhaps more immigrants would actually go that route is it were more efficient... Just a thought...

We dont need them! We dont want them! But like a bad infestation.we cant get rid of them! No amnesty!