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The whip Vendor... Jegannathaan N Jakkam

Steve DePino Photography. Beautiful! I love the idea of a photo shoot in A old building.

If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely -Roald Dahl

Now Look Closer,Do You Truly Recognise Her ?...You're Simply Facing Our Sacred Mother Earth !...She Feels So Sad About The Human Misbehavior !...Still Wonders If Mankind Will Gain Consciousness !...© Do You Like My Poetryscapes ?... Samissomar

NGC 2359, better known as the Thor’s Helmet nebula, is actually more like an interstellar bubble, blown as a fast wind from the bright, massive star near the bubble’s center sweeps through a surrounding molecular cloud. The central star is an extremely hot giant Wolf-Rayet star, thought to be in a brief, pre-supernova stage of evolution. It lies about 15,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Canis Major, measuring about 30 light years. - via Alex Shar

from The Huffington Post

The Average American's Face Will Change How You Think About Race

Average looking man from different countries…

KILLUMINATI - This woman is posing as a mind slave always does-hand over her eye to signify the "all seeing eye" and a hand on her head symbolizing the other hands that are controlling her. her expression on her face is sad and mindless -just like a mind control slave.