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Dear future husband, I have waited a long time for you. I know it's only a matter of time til I will be in your heart and in your arms. You are the exact match of me but also have the pieces I lack. I love you with all of my being for I know that God has hand-crafted you just for me. While we are apart at this time, know that I am following God's path to you. Be strong and patient, my love. Have faith and allow God to lead you to me in His time. Never, never, never give up...

Prayer for future husband. this is the most beautifully perfect thing to ever perfect.

This is by far one of the most beautiful things.

Future husband, I want to hold your hand and share in jokes, and write you crappy love poems. yes, please.

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"Dear future husband, I'm getting real tired of this hide and seek game, I think it's about time you find me."

I'm still young, but I wish I could begin falling in love with you now. I want to have a life time of adventures starting now. It would be great to end this extremely long game of hid n' seek

Even though all of these are what I want, my list would only have 10 things or less. :b

I have been meaning to make a list like this for my future husband and this matches everything I want in a future husband and more. Every girl should be looking for a Godly man like this. They deserve to be treated right, not like they are trash.

We kissed on the couch while watching a movie in his parents basement. He asked if I wanted to go further and I froze at the question. How much further? Should I be cool and roll with it? Should I say no? Questions raced through my mind and in a panic, I excused myself to the bathroom before I could answer. After an awkward conversation, I drove home feeling like a super uncool loser who just lost the cool guy’s interest. I felt like the only girl in high school who couldn’t keep a guy’s…

Dear Future Husband…

When she was in middle school, she started writing letters to a man she had never met yet. On their wedding day, he received a box of those letters.