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“with great power comes great need to take a nap ” NICO DI ANGELO TO WRAP UP THIS SERIES AYYY after exactly 5 weeks #9 of 9 Hero SnapChibis (x) The whole gang’s available as a stickers/prints/shirts etc. on RedBubble! (x) Commission Info | Other...

Nico should be really happy, because Hades is his father and he knows what good gifts are. xD

Yeah, Uncle Rick! Don't force Leo to make promises that you already said are impossible to keep!!!! You can have him back when you learn to play nicely. Oh, and Nico, too. You broke his heart. Nice job. >>>>>>>> Omg. Im looking at YOU John Green >>>>> *whistles causally and points at veronica Roth*>>>>J.K. Rowling anyone?>>>>Do you hear us, Susanne Collins?

Frazel is so cute. But watch Piper make sure that Jayna doesn't happen by moving to CA! Haha, I love that. And Percabeth, adorable, as usual. Then, of course, we have the confident Leo.

OMG lol! Future AU where Nico offers to babysit Hazel and Franks kid. Little did he know that she inherited Franks gift. Lol

from 9GAG

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fans will understand.

Tristan and Piper McLean, Frederick and Annabeth Chase, Emily and Frank Zhang, Esperanza and Leo Valdez, Maria, Bianca and Nico di Angelo, Beryl and Thalia and Jason Grace, Sally and Percy Jackson & Marie and Hazel Levesque



Nicooooo :(

He does this all the time. I am this close to reopening that scar on his lip, wherever he got it from. ~Nico