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This is a map of the World's Fair of 1893. If you compare this to an aerial image of Jackson Park today these architecturally stunning buildings are completely gone except for the building that now houses the Museum of Science and Industry.

Map of Africa included on page 64 of Cornell's primary geography, published by D Appleton & Company in 1857

A German map of Atlantic steamship routes from 1895 (via

"Londini Angliæ Regni Metropolis" is based on Hollar's 1675 map of London, which was copied and altered by De La Feuille in 1689, De Ram in 1689/90, and De Wit in 1690/93 to commemorate the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

The Huguenots were French Protestants who were members of the Calvinist Reformed Church that was established in 1550. From the mid 1500s until the mid 1600s, Huguenots were persecuted in France for their religious beliefs. Therefore, thousands of Huguenots fled to countries such as Switzerland, Germany, England, America, the Netherlands, Poland and South Africa, where they could enjoy religious freedom

Pirro Ligorio, Anteiquae urbis imago, Lossi reprint, 1773. Map in 12 parts of Ancient Rome recreated by Ligorio from his knowledge of ancient reliefs

History map of Africa 1453AD - 1648AD. What is happening at this time? Ottoman empire rules most of North Africa, kingdom of Morocco has formed its own empire, European sailors and traders first arrive off coast of West Africa (mid-15th century), Swahili trading states face Portuguese in the Indian Ocean leading to decline in prosperity, Portuguese establish colonies in modern day Angola as slave trade base and on the cape as a stop on journey to Indian Ocean