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SO many good tips and ideas for shared rooms!!** from the comments and facial expressions we receive, I have a few ideas of what goes through their minds! There’s the look … … Continue reading →

A craft table that folds up into a picture frame on the wall. This is such a space saver, and it keeps crafting supplies so organized and easy to access

dr suess quote- the more that you read- turquoise orange black- custom colors and sizes available- playroom kids art- custom painting

cool DIY Project: Cayden's Big Boy Bedroom-Part 2 by http://www.best-home-decorpictures.us/boy-bedrooms/diy-project-caydens-big-boy-bedroom-part-2/

I love that these shelves are in the corner and low on the wall within reach for a toddler. The lanterns above make it all the more cute. I would also possibly, put a table and chairs or a cushy little chair under or to the side.

Tried this before and it really didn't work out. I think I will do it again with a sturdier box.

As a recent grad, I had a hard time finding interview dress guidelines that were both specific and geared towards those just starting out. And I mean just starting out. So I compiled my own personal set of guidelines geared toward the young modern...

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