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Bridesmaids Wedding Packing List . An Extra Bag. Bring along an extra bag in case the bride needs it to carry home any extra decorations or gifts at the end of the night.

Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Make . You Don't Give Her a Wedding Gift. Being a bridesmaid comes with a lot of expenses and you may find yourself shelling out more money than you can afford. It's still appropriate to give the bride a gift — even if it's something small or homemade.

52 Bridesmaid Dresses Your Girls Will Want to Wear Again . Style 5700, strapless duchess satin knee-length bridesmaid dress in tutti frutti, $210, 57 Grand available at Weddington Way See more 57 Grand bridesmaid dresses.

Baby's breath bouquet

Mistakes Bridesmaids Always Make . You Don't Respond to the Wedding Email Chains. Instead of tossing these email chains in your spam folder, make time to read through them and respond when needed. That way, you'll stay in the loop of any and all details and changes.

Wedding Bells: The New Paper Crown Bridesmaids Collection