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Many of us grow up with dreams of what life will be like with a new baby. As a child, we may have stuffed a pillow in our shirts and imagined what it mus...

If you were to describe breastfeeding your baby in one word, what would it be?" A heart shape is formed by the words Precious, worthwhile, awesome, Beautiful, peaceful, heaven, purpose, caming, acrobatics, love, convenient, healthy, amazing, relaxing, connection, bliss, soothing, magical, life, yeowch, special, blessing, best, gymnastics, and more.

Foods For Breastfeeding: #Breastfeeding diet!! Don’t get nervous. Instead, remember the first rule – Healthy lactation is vital. As your breast milk is packed with all the vital nutrients essential for your baby’s well being and growth.Check out the list here we provide.

When my third baby struggled to breastfeed, I pumped for almost 4 months and bottle fed her. Tommee Tippee bottles preserved our breastfeeding relationship. This worked for us. When you find the bottle that works for you, it will be your best friend!

Mother with tattoos nurses her baby. "Dear New Mom, Feel like your baby is breastfeeding all the time? It's normal! You're doing great! X O X O

This might be the best breastfeeding tip ever! "When you plan a romantic weekend away whilst breastfeeding, make darn sure your pump is working well and that you're working well with your pump." This will help keep your supply up *and* help you avoid mastitis.

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