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from Taringa!

[O.T] Monoculus me recuerda a algo....

An ethereal dreadnought pursues a traveler across dimensions.  (Jeff Easley from the AD&D Manual of the Planes by Jeff Grubb, TSR, 1987.)  In later editions this creature was known as an astral dreadnought.

Astral Dreadnought - Dungeons & Dragons - Outsider | Illustration by Jeff Easley | The cacodemon from the Doom video game series was heavily inspired by this creature.

from Warhammer 40k


Astral Claws Venerable Dreadnought - The Astral Claws were a Space Marine Chapter who turned Renegade in M41. Their survivors exist as the Red Corsairs, and their Chapter Master, Lufgt Huron, is now the infamous pirate lord Huron Blackheart.