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Your Chakras and Your Money

Find out how to get financial peace by studying Eastern spiritual practices.

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The Top 10 Plumbing Fixes

The Top 10 Plumbing Fixes: Save money by doing simple plumbing repairs yourself. These fixes are completely DIY with basic tools and skills.

10 Craigslist Tips & Tricks: How to find the best stuff & save money. There are some really great tips in this!

Root Chakra - Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. Location: Base of spine in tailbone area. Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, money, and food.

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26 Common Thrift Store Finds You Can Flip To Make Money

Look at the stamps underneath. | 26 Common Thrift Store Finds You Can Flip To Make Money

5 Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Overspending and Save Money!

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How to Set Financial Goals in 3 Easy Steps

Financial goals are an important part of your personal finances. But how to set financial goals, and get the results? Have you EVER determined your financial goals? Why not? Let me tell you, if you have not, stop coming up with excuses. I show you why and how to set your very own financial goals! #financialgoals #finance #money

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8 Things People with Financial Struggles Shouldn’t Waste Their Money On!

Financial struggles? Here are 8 things people with financial struggles shouldn't waste their money this holiday season. Do you agree?