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A grin broke out on Annwyn's face. It had been years since she'd played in snow and she couldn't resist bending down, forming a ball and throwing it straight at Arthur.

Queen Mary - She wears the simple, shoulder-less,black, and simply beautiful. Just just impressed with the her dress.

** But whatever myshit Adelaide Kane reign mary stuart reignedit i have never made i single reign gif before in my life

"Who is the wretch James married?" Morrigan asked. "Do you not recognize her? That is Zoe, Surrem's second daughter," Jacquetta answered. "Great," Carmion said sarcastically, "we are screwed. Areha captured Mordred's heart. Zoe did not like that." "You think she is out for revenge?" "I do. And with James's ambitions... She might get it too."

The CW Casts Its Mary Queen Of Scots

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Fire ~ After finding the stone in the forest, a mark started to appear on my skin. First it was barely there, then gradually it made a swirl of red on my hand. I've heard of such marks but I don't want to believe it. I can't be one of them, I refuse to be.