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BASEBALL'S Native Americans: Photo - Chief Meyers, Giants (L) and the A's Chief Bender. In 1899, Louis Sockalexis played his last major league league. He was the first Native-American major leaguer. 20 more would follow between 1900-1920. Best known were Meyers, Zach Wheat, Bender, and Jim Thorpe. Meyers started with the Giants in 1909. He also played for the (Brooklyn) Robins and Boston Braves. Meyers was on three Giants' league champions. He was Christy Mathewson's trusted battery mate.

TEAM: 1918 Giants finished second in the National League. The 1917 lost the World Series to the White Sox.

NEW YORK OUTFIELD: Yankees outfield - Don Brown, Tim Hendryx, Gene Leyden, Elmer Miller, Hugh High, New York AL, 1915