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Nimbus Maze, is my favourite mana fixer as it literally gives you the mana you don't have. If you have islands but no plains, this can now give you white mana. Once you're set up and can create both your mana this can create either. It's not very good outside its two colours, but we're only playing two colours, so it's pretty good

Minamo, School at Water's Edge is a power house. Most likely we will use it to untap one of our legendary lands to multiply our mana, but even when mana multiplication isn't available it is pretty much an island, so it has no downside.

Karakas. Warning this is on the EDH ban list. My personal playgroup allows its use with the added rule that it cannot target opponents commanders. In this deck it is mostly used for mana and to defend our own creatures, we have a lot of legendaries and it is tricky to recur them from the graveyard in our colours, therefor this is one of the ways we can save them. If your playgroup does not agree to its use under the added rule simply replace it with a plains.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is the first land that can create crazy amounts of mana. If your board state is descent this can create upwards of 5+ mana. And as an added bonus, it is never a dud it can always create mana, unlike the other crazy lands we have

Glacial Fortress is known as a have land because if you have a plains or an island it comes into play untapped. Since we are only playing two colours there is a fairly good chance that it will come into play untapped.

Mtg prairie stream, since this deck is all about the later game this is a perfect card. It mana fixes and can be fetched by our fetch lands, and as long as we have a few basic lands out it comes into play untapped, so in the early game it might come into play tapped, but later game when you are trying to pull crazy things that are mana intensive it will come into play untapped and ready to use

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Fieldmist border post is a basic mana rock that can in a way be cheated into play. It also works well when combined with other cards that want a land to enter the field or if you want a specific land back into your hand which occasionally happens. If you have leyline of anticipation out then this is able to save any of your better lands as well. Over all a very useful mana rock