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eraser collection -- i had TONS of these. those clifford ones were def a fave!!

from Etsy

Vintage 80s Black Heart and Rainbow Shooting Star Cased Eraser Rubber

Je me souviens très bien de ces effaces, qui venaient dans un petit boîtier en plastique.

Scented Erasers OMG! I had these exact ones... Still can remember the smell of them nearly 30 years later. Wow!

decorative erasers, I had these exact ones! you didn't use them, you just collected them! I've seen similar ones in stores lately.

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More so the 90s... but I can't help it.. it's my childhood

Eraser collection circa 1980s. Ok this is pretty sad to admit. Mine wasn't this spectacular and didn't include a certain green leaf (bottom right) but did include a maccas happy meal eraser set lol.

I had an eraser collection when i was young... I come home from school one day to find my little brother and his little girlfriend had thrown them ALL into the outside fishpond.. devo