Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Kit

No time to carve pumpkins? Add your own faces and expressions with this easy-to-apply kit, which comes with eyes, noses, mouths, and hats. We did something like this and they turned out cute!

Cutie Booty Cakes: Halloween Pumpkin Decorating for kids

Isn't that the most adorable pumpkin you have ever seen? I think it is too cute and with no carving of the pumpkin it is a perfect craf.

DIY Pumkin Crafts : DIY Easy No-Carve Pumpkins

Create a face with black tissue paper, and mod podge it in place, or use felt pieces for the eyes, nose and mouth and glue them. Use real or artificial pumpkins that can be used for more than one year. Create different faces.

Hometalk :: Decorate a Pumpkin for Halloween with Thumbtacks

Decorate a Pumpkin for Halloween With Thumbtacks

My class at school decorated our pumpkin for a contest with thumbtacks. It was a success and the kids had a ball decorating it. I spray painted a large star wit…

Today is Day 3 of my 10 day series, Family Friendly Fall!  It’s time to have some fun decorating your homes with pumpkins. If you’d like to see what I offer on the other days, go to my Family…

10 Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins

There are so many creative ways to decorate with pumpkins. I show you 10 ways that others have fancied their pumpkins up. From spray paint to drilled holes.