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TOGETHER TOWARDS GOD: Bishop Thomas J. Tobin concelebrates Mass with Father Jay Finelli at Holy Ghost Church in Tiverton on May 29. Father Finelli re-instituted the practice of celebrating Mass ad orientem, where the priest turns during the Liturgy of the Eucharist so that the people and priest face a common direction.

The Holy Mass. I always have this image in my head at mass. It reminds me that during the consecration of the bread to become to body of Jesus - the communion of Saints are also gathered to witness Jesus' presence. It is at this time, I believe my family and loved ones that have passed are also celebrating the holy mass in the communion with all of us here on earth.

Cardinal Sarah celebrating Mass ad orientem Mass at the London Oratory, July 6, 2016 [Credit: Lawrence OP via Flickr]

...God also speaks loudest in silence, which is a reason why Catholic spirituality cultivates sacred silence (it's also why Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony are accorded first place in and set the standard for the liturgy: it's a quiet sound, but a big one. It is also a sound that is gloriously transcendent and Bigger Than You, while simultaneously being so very intimate: this is precisely the way the Eucharist works).

"We will sanctify our lives in the small things done with love. Let nothing go wasted, for we are called to love Christ at every moment and in all that we do and that is what will get us to heaven." St. Teresa of Avila