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by Anna Holland | Necklace; antique blue Hebron beads made in the Middle East from Dead Sea salts and sand (often traded in Africa), two collectible antique "end of day" beads, thought to be made from glass fragments cleaned up by beadmakers at the end of each day, a jasper bead, a large old stone bead, and amber/brown-colored pitted glass beads found in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Silver cones and sterling silver hook and eye clasp | 425$

Africa | A necklace from the Harar region of Ethiopia | Silver Thalers and Cornaline d’Aleppo glass beads

by Anna Holland | Antique carved conus shells from the deserts of Mauritania, once used as currency by tribes in Africa as early as the 14th century. With twenty strands of old white glass beads from Africa. Sterling silver cones and a hook and eye clasp | 825$

Old Coral Glass Beads, Brass, african glass beads, Ethiopian metal beads, Bronze. Bronze is traditionally associated with wealth and prestige in Cameroun, Zaire, Gabon.