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Dragonfly Designs: Test Kitch ~ Pizza Buns - my little guy would insist on their being olives and I would want to add extra vege (spinach, peppers, corn) to up the nutritional value. But I love the do ahead nature of this and know it'd be a lunch box hit

How to Make Buttercream That Sets Firm: Crusting Buttercream

A crusting buttercream is one that will set up firmly enough so that it can be touched lightly without making a mark. Although still relatively delicate, this buttercream technique can be a very helpful asset to decorators, making a nicely primed surface for all sorts of cake decoration, from decorative piping to fondant or gum paste adornment.

Ok I know I totally say meringue powder at the beginning but I meant to say we're talking about Royal Icing. recipe found here:

Christmas Cookie Decorating Tutorial for Hat and Mitten Cookies

An easy Christmas Cookie Decorating Tutorial for Hat and Mitten Cookies with step by step photos so that you can make them with my Royal Icing recipe. With a gluten free cut out cookie recipe in the post

If you don’t like the taste of fondant, try this recipe for rolled buttercream that can be used to cover a cake or cookies. It...

Easy Fondant Recipe - On Craftsy!

Master this easy fondant recipe in less than 15 minutes, using only 4 ingredients. One secret ingredient makes all the difference!

Jell-O Marshmallow Fondant

Marshmallow fondant is already awesome, but if you add jello to it you can make it even more delicious while coloring it at the same time! Jello seems to mix in really well with the powdered sugar and gives good results for taste and look.