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Scorpio Wellness, Love and Money predictions for 2016/02/25. PIN IT if accurate.

Sagittarius lucky numbers for 2016/09/25. PIN/LIKE if accurate. #sagittarius, #horoscope, #horoscopes, #astrology

Pisces horoscope for 2016/07/25. PIN/LIKE if accurate. #pisces, #horoscope, #horoscopes, #astrology

Pisces Work, Creativity and Intellect predictions for 2016/03/31. PIN IT if accurate.

1972 Zodiac Water rat born in Scorpio by Valxart Sticker valxart.com for $5.25 What astrology sign+year are you? Your chinese zodiac year + astrology month molds your character. To learn more goto http://pinterest.com/pin/190347521720759035/ Valxart has many Zodiac designs with & without horoscope forecast include cusp, chinese zodiac, and 60 years of Chinese + sign. Check pinterest.com/valxart and if you do not see product, year or sign desired, contact Valxart at info@valx.us for…

04-01-2015 Control freak alert! Today’s moon-Neptune opposition could find you pitted against a particularly difficult person. You’re SO not cool with you-know-who assuming the helm of your crew, but refrain from organizing a coup. This situation needs to be dealt with sensitively. See it as a chance to be the better one, and take the high road. While you’re probably seeing red, push yourself to practice detachment. Tonight, hook up with a fun-loving bunch that will have you laughing about…

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